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Strata Roof Specialist


Versatile Roofing provides Greater Perth, South Perth, North Perth, South of River, North of River and Freemantle with quality roofing services. Our contractors are dedicated Strata roof specialists that recognise the needs of Real Estate Property Owners and Property Managements, providing quality workmanship, organisation, and affordable rates with each job completed promptly. For quality Strata roof services, we are the contractors that guarantee quality workmanship, detailed invoicing and the least disruption to your business and tenants.

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Strata Roof Specialists Perth

With years of experience and knowledge in Strata roof services, Versatile Roofing roof contractors know and understand the different needs of Strata & Property Managers. We provide a complete range of roofing services, completing each job in a manner that interferes the least with the daily operations of the building and tenants and with all work complying with Australian safety regulations and guidelines. We also ensure property managers that all work will be reported in detail for their organisational efforts.

Strata & Property Managers can expect:

  • Knowledge and experience in Strata & Property Managers
  • Prompt and open lines of communication with on-site owners & occupants
  • Detailed reports, best option recommendations, straightforward specifications & costing
  • Detailed invoicing that ensures accounting organisation
  • Insurances, home owners warranty, public liability, worker’s compensation
  • Comply with all Australia’s safety regulations and requirements
  • Contractors trained in Strata installations, repairs, and maintenance
  • Outstanding Strata roof installations, repairs and maintenance that are not complete until we feel we can stand behind our workmanship 100 percent and all clean-up is complete

Roof Leaks and Repairs

Versatile Roofing provides Perth Strata and Property Managers with quick roof leak repairs that last. We understand the stressful situation of having a leaking roof, and the urgency for a quality repair before damage occurs, or multiple units are affected by the leak. Our roofing contractors have the experience necessary in Strata roof leaks to complete quality work that is done right.

Roof Replacement

Versatile Roofing replaces all types of roofs tile,metal,polycarbonate in all profiles. We have the experience to provide the best roofing installations with a minimum of disruption to your business operations and tenants, and in a safe manner. We know the chaos of the situation and assure you that your roof replacement will be timely, safe and secure.

Seasonal Roofing Maintenance

Versatile Roofing provides Strata & Property Managers with seasonal and annual roof maintenance, clearing away all debris from the roofs, gutters, and downpipes and checking to ensure no repairs are needed. Seasonal and annual roof maintenance is a preventative roof service that can save property owners & managers a great deal of expense in eliminating future roofing problems.

Gutter Clearing

Gutters need to be regularly cleaned to remove any blockage and repair any damage and premature rusting, all of which can lead to costly replacements. Versatile Roofing provides Strata & Property Managers with gutter cleaning with expertise.

Leaf Guard / Screeners

Leaf guard / screeners are a solution for heavy tree areas. Versatile Roofing provides installations of aluminium mesh and all other types leaf guard and screeners to help contain leaves, keeping a property manicured at all times.

Why Choose Versatile Roofing?

With years of experience and the knowledge to install, repair, replace and maintain any type and size of roofs, property owners have a Strata roof specialist that provides the right services. We are roofing contractors that have the experience to provide the best services with the least disruption to your business and tenants.

With years of Strata real estate roofing experience, we have the knowledge to provide the best roof installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance.

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