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Ridge Capping Repairs & Repointing



Versatile Roofing are professional roofing contractors that know the damage that rain can do to a roof. Ridge capping is necessary, but without the proper materials and methods, the roof and structure can still suffer damage. We service the Greater Perth, South Perth, North Perth, North of River, South of River and Fremantle with ridge capping installations and repairs that offer the protection that keeps your roof and property safe.

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Ridge Capping Perth

Versatile Roofing are qualified roofing contractors in Perth that install and repair ridge capping on any size property. Our contractors have years of experience and offer the expertise required to ensure that you have the specialist that you need to keep your roof in its best condition.

We install ridge capping, as well as repoint all ridge capping.

Our contractors can install ridge capping, tailoring it to the roof’s shape, whatever the shape, such as arched shaped roofs and V-shaped roofs, ensuring that the roof and property have the maximum protection.
Versatile Roofing installs and repairs capping made of clay, concrete and other tile materials.
Capping is secured to the tiles of the roof with a material like cement that is watertight, eliminating all risk of cracking or water penetration into any part of the roof.
A tile covering covers ridge capping at the ridgeline of the roof, offering an additional line of defense against weather conditions like rain. Versatile Roofing can custom design ridge capping to match gutters and other elements of the roof.
VVersatile Roofing are experts in repointing all ridge capping
Ridge Capping Repairs

Ridge capping repairs are the solution when you don’t need a new system. Versatile Roofing can repair the capping that exists. Ridge capping is quite durable, however over time, weather exposure and improper maintenance can damage the capping. Versatile Roofing can provide different repair solutions like laying fresh cement, replacing the mortar, and fixing any tiles that are damaged. We use only the highest grade materials and techniques with ridge capping repairs to ensure the maximum durability of each repair and installation, whether it be re bedding or repointing ridge cappings.

Why Choose Us?

Versatile Roofing is a professional roofing contractor with the experience that makes a difference in the quality of your roof repairs, installations, and maintenance, as well as the durability and longevity of your roof. We are fully licenced and insured and have years of experience in the roofing industry. We service the Greater Perth, South Perth, North Perth, South of River, North of River and Fremantle with quality roofing solutions.

We are contractors in Perth that can complete any size and style of roofing requirement. With a concentration on only the best work completed, we use the highest grade products and best techniques. Affordability is also a factor for most business and homeowners. We do our best to have the most competitive roofing contractor rates in Perth.


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