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Versatile Roofing provides roofing services to Greater Perth, South Perth, North Perth, North of River, South of River and Freemantle. Roof restorations, improvements and repairs are done so that the integrity of the property’s roof is optimal. Versatile Roofing provides all types of roof restorations, from re-roofing to leaks and cracks to replacing shingles or tiles to repainting to waterproofing. Whether a leak repair or a complete roof restoration, we are the qualified roofing contractors for the job.

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Roof Restorations Perth

Roofing contracting services need to be completed by a qualified professional roofer with the experience to take all things into consideration. The structural integrity of your roof is essential, just as its durability and aesthetic value. The roof is a protector and insulator of the home or business, and one that needs to be of the highest quality.

Versatile Roofing offers complete restorations that include many different stages in the process of restoring the roof, including:

  • Making repairs to the roof supports and underlayers
  • Resurfacing the roof tile
  • Cleaning the roof
  • Storm drains, gutters and pipe repairs
  • Ridge capping
  • Replace broken tiles and flashing
  • Apply primer / sealer
  • Apply roof coating and colour coating
  • Cleaning and disposing of any asbestos

We are qualified roofers that ensure that nothing is overlooked in the restoration of a roof. Our work is completed by contractors and journeymen with years of professional roofing experience that care about the quality of work they complete. We work within the budgets of property owners and work within time constraints.

We Are Your Qualified Roofers for Any Size Roof of Any Style

Warm weather is typically the time when property owners consider roof restorations. Roofs are an extremely important part of a structure as they insulate and protect the property. Over the years, roofs can be damaged, tiles dull and fade and the look of the property can diminish the appearance of the roof. Roofs can also have so much damage that they need a complete re-roof.

Versatile Roofing provides property owners with roof assessments, maintenance, and restorations. We are leaders in the industry, providing competent services, using only the best equipment, techniques and products. With years of experience in the business, we are a roofing contractor that has the experience for roof restorations of any size.

Roof Assessments

When deciding on a roof restoration having Versatile Roofing contractors assess your roof will provide you with a great deal of information as to the best way to approach the job. Roofs are complex, and there are many components to consider. Also, damage may not be as great as a property owner thinks, and less expensive options can work. It is essential that property owners have a great deal of information on their roof before considering what should be done. Our contractors assess roofs, look for trouble spots, consider the wear of the roof and weather conditions, take into consideration all previous roof repairs, take thermal images and photo of potential problem areas, check roofing materials, insulation and weatherproofing membrane, flashing, scuppers, downspouts and penetrations prior to providing a detailed report on the roof, as well as the best roofing services for the best restoration.

Versatile Roofing Offers Quality Roof Restorations That Are Beautiful and Long Lasting – Contact Us Today

For more information on roof restorations or to schedule a roof assessment, please contact Versatile Roofers at the number below. We can also be reached for assistance or a low-cost roofing quote through our “Get A Quote” form located at the top right of this page.

Call us at  0488 792 360