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Roof Tile Repair



Versatile Roofing provides the Greater Perth, South Perth, North Perth, South of River, North of River and Freemantle with quality roof tile repairs. Tile roofs can experience a number of problems, and like any other type of roof, immediate attention is necessary. We are licenced contractors that have the experience to provide quality workmanships, utilising only the best solutions. For quality roof tile repairs from expert tile roof contractors, contact us today.


Tile Roof Repairs

Tile roof problems can be simple to diagnose or quite complicated. Versatile Roofing contractors have extensive experience in assessing and troubleshooting tile roof problems, just as installing, repairing and maintaining tile roofs. Property owners can experience various problems, and Versatile Roofing is the contractor that can provide the best solutions. We stand behind our workmanship, knowing the quality we put into each job we complete.

Our contractors offer a complete range of tile roof repairs and solutions, including but not limited to:

Ridge Cap Repairs

Ridge cap repairs are necessary when the cement under the caps becomes loose. This can result from improper installation just as deterioration over the years. When this occurs, different problems can occur including roof leaks and tiles being blown off. While ridge caps are not something that property owners typically pay attention to, regular maintenance and roof checks will help to prevent existing and future problems. The solution will depend on the condition of the caps, but will likely be to repoint or rebed the ridge caps.

Re-pointing ridge caps does not require removal of the original bed of cement.Pointing out of a bucket will be applied to the outer surface of the old pointing. This is a solution when the original ridge cap cement is not severely damaged but has surface cracks.

Re-bedding is for ridge caps that the cement bed is deteriorating or has deteriorated, or the caps have been dislodged. Versatile Roofing will remove all caps and relay the caps on a fresh bed of cement.

Roof Leaks & Broken Tiles

Roof leaks and broken tiles are another common problem in tile roofs. There are many different reasons for each, including improper installation of the roof.  Other causes include a deficiency in the roof’s structure or damage to the valleys, ridge caps, gutters or flashings. Versatile Roofing has the knowledge in all types of tile roofs to accurately assess roofs and determine the exact problem, even those hard to find leaks. Our contractors then provide property owners with the best solutions for their tile roof leaks and / or broken tiles.

Why Choose Versatile Roofing?

Versatile Roofing is qualified roof contractors that are fully licenced and insured and have the knowledge and experience in tile roofs that offer property owners the best solutions and workmanship. We are contractors that take a great deal of care in providing our customers with both the best solutions and affordable roofing rates in Perth.

Our knowledge in tile roofs is extensive, just as our ability to apply the best technologies to each job we complete. As tile roofing contractors in Perth, we have knowledge to the different types of tile roofs, as well as the different elements that affect the roofs like weather conditions.

Versatile Roofing has the experience and the team of contractors that care about the workmanship we provide our customers. Only the best products and techniques are used in each job we complete.

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For more information on our tile roof services in Perth, please contact a Versatile Roofing specialist at the number below. We are available to help troubleshoot, for emergency repairs and to schedule assessments, repairs, and maintenance.

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